The Program

General Chemistry and Calculus are challenging courses that are foundational to all science and engineering disciplines. The aim of the program is to provide talented students like yourself the support you need to thrive in these courses. Students perform significantly better in smaller sections, allowing for more interaction with their peers and the instructors. The program will also help you find a supportive group of students with similar talents and interests. Being a Science & Engineering Scholar will ease your transition to academic life at Notre Dame.


  • Science & Engineering Scholars take part in an online summer refresher course to review pre-calculus topics
    • ONEXYS-ND is a five-week program that gives you a grounding in the quantitative skills needed to succeed at Notre Dame. You will review mathematical and quantitative concepts in an online course and will join weekly small group video conferences led by your “coaches”, who are current Notre Dame students.
    • The program runs from July 2nd to August 2nd, with a bit of pre-program orientation. Because this is an online program, you will still be able to pursue summer jobs, travel, or other extracurricular activities — but you must commit to 5-10 hours of work per week and have reliable access to a computer with a camera, stable internet connection, and a quiet space for live sessions.

Fall Semester

  • Calculus I:
    • Enroll in the small Calculus I section for Science & Engineering Scholars (MATH 10550 section 5)
    • Co-enroll in the small Calculus I tutorial (MATH 12550 section 51)
  • General Chemistry:
    • Enroll in the small general chemistry section for Science & Engineering Scholars (CHEM 10171 section 5)
    • Co-enroll in a required 2-credit problem solving skills course (CHEM 13171),
    • Co-enroll in the Science & Engineering Scholars chemistry tutorial sections (CHEM 12171 sections 39 or 40),
    • Co-enroll in the CHEM 11171 lab (any section)
  • Take a reduced course load (4 courses + Moreau)
  • Meet your faculty mentor
  • Engage in workshops and community-building exercises

Spring Semester

  • Your academic support continues with access to special sections and study skills courses for Physics, Calculus II, and Organic Chemistry (if they are part of your curriculum).
  • Your faculty mentor will assist you in finding internships and opportunities in research labs near the end of your first academic year.